Five Things I Hate About Elance

Reasons I hate being a freelancer for Elance

Elance was one of the first places I turned to when I started working from home as a freelancer. I landed a few gigs and even had a few long-term clients for about a year. However, just because something is good, doesn’t mean it will last forever. Elance has some great things going for it, but here are 5 things I cannot stand about Elance. #1. Waiting for money I’m not going to lie. I did a few social media updates and a blog post for a client and I’m still waiting on that money. This can be so very frustrating because I worked for that money and I want it now. Perhaps J.G. Wentworth can help me out. Just kidding. I’ll let you know when I’m 85 and Elance finally releases my money.   #2. Clients expect the world No client on Elance (that I know of) wants to pay you what you're worth. The quality of jobs have become very similar to oDesk. It’s amazing if you win a bid for a job and actually get paid what you’re worth. I’ve had to lower my overall price several times just … [Read more...]

Eight Things You Should Never Put on a Resume

Eight Things You Should Never Put on a Resume

If you're like most people, when it comes to finding a job you probably start by updating your resume. You find a copy of the document somewhere on your computer, add your last job, and begin the uncomfortable process of networking with co-workers you haven't spoken with since the last time you were in the job market. While most experts would advise you to create a targeted resume for each job, making sure your resume doesn't contain information that would lead a potential employer to throw it in the trash is a good place to start. Before you submit your resume to the job of your dreams, make sure you haven't put one of the following eight pieces of information on your resume. 1) Weird email address. While [email protected] is certainly a memorable email address, it's doubtful it will help you land your next job. Before you send an unintended message, consider creating a job-specific website address that will send the right message and help you keep track of your career search … [Read more...]

How My WAH Job Turned into an Unexpected Career

Miranda Grimm's Work at Home Career story

My work at home story is an ever-evolving one. If you have been a follower and faithful reader then you know the back story. Don't worry if you aren't - I'll fill you in. My work at home job began soon after my first daughter was born and now I am living in a world I never imagined to be possible - couldn't have even thought of it because I just didn't even know it existed! The Back Story I'll try to make this part brief. My first daughter was born in 2008. I was bringing her to work with me and my plan was to put her into daycare until she became mobile. Things didn't quite work out that way and with a beautiful twist of fate- I was a stay at home mom. Bills were big and money was little. But we managed - through the grace of God. Finally in 2009 I found my first legitimate work at home job at West. Things didnt work out because when I applied I lived in South Carolina but when they hired me- I had already moved to Indiana. Apparently West doesn't employee Indiana residents for … [Read more...]

8 Basic Rules Of Promoting Amazon Affiliate Products Successfully

How to Make Money Online with Amazon Associates

This is a guest post submitted by Alan Lucas of a Getting involved with Amazon's affiliate program can be a pretty fun and exciting experience for anyone that has the time and patience to see it through. A lot of people who join affiliate programs are just looking for a quick and easy way to get some fast cash, this should not be the case. So, if you are getting involved with Amazon, take a look at these 8 basic rules to get a head start.   Know How to Get Steady Traffic The hard part of any online business getting enough traffic to your site to even attempt to convert them into buying. This especially goes for affiliate promoting. You need to know how to attract large amounts of people before you ever actually start trying to promote a product. The reason-  if you don't know how to attract people, then how do you expect to sell products? There are so many ways and strategies to get large amounts of steady traffic, so pick one and get started before you … [Read more...]

Are Multi-Level Marketing Companies Legitimate?

MLM scams

If you don't mind investing a little money and time, one way you can earn money from home is by working as an independent distributor for a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. Though I personally haven't done this, I do realize that the opportunity is out there.  I also realize that there are pyramid schemes that try to make themselves look like legitimate multi-level marketing companies, however - this post will provide information on how to distinguish a legitimate MLM opportunity from a pyramid scheme.   What is multi-level marketing? Multi-level marketing is a marketing structure where the sales people are rewarded not only for their personal sales, but also for the sales of people they personally recruit into the company - these people are referred to as their downline.  Multi-level marketing is also called network marketing and referral marketing, and it has often been criticized because the structure is similar to many pyramid schemes, which are … [Read more...]