Surviving the Famine: Freelance Budgeting at Its Finest

Freelance Financial Budgeting

It is a new year and that means everyone is looking to make changes. Though there are many resolutions made, the vast majority relate to health, money, and organization. One very common, very specific goal related to money is to stick to a budget. This is not easy in the best of situations, but freelancers have even a more challenging time with this. There are many reasons. For one, you never know for sure if there will be work. It is no secret that freelancing is feast or famine. On top of this, if there is work there is no guaranteeing when pay will come. Clients may pay every Friday, once a month, as soon as they get the work and approve it, or whenever they feel like it. In the meantime, you have bills due. Frustrating is a mild term for the feeling of knowing you have the money coming but having no clue when it will be in your account while you are trying to decide which bills to let be late. There is no easy answer, but these tips may help: Be Like the Ant We all know the … [Read more...]

How to Save for Retirement When You Work from Home


If you've ever worked outside of the home at a brick and mortar office, your employer may offered you benefits, including the opportunity to save a portion of your check into a 401k retirement account - and your employer may have matched some or all of the money that you put into your 401k.  If you work from home though, you may not have that option, especially if you work as a independent contractor.  The good news is that if you do work from home, you can still save for retirement.  There are a few different types of retirement accounts you can open - the traditional or Roth IRA, Solo 401k, SEP IRA and SIMPLE IRA.  This article will provide some information on each of them. Traditional or Roth IRA - Everyone can open one of these accounts, whether you work from home or not.  The main difference between a traditional IRA and a Roth IRA is that with a traditional IRA, you won't pay taxes on the money you save in the account until after you start making withdrawals from the … [Read more...]

Six Places to Sell Gift Cards Online


Many of us receive gift cards from relatives and friends that we never plan to use. Time Magazine reports that "about $65 billion is spent on gift cards in the U.S. annually, and $6.8 billion of that is never redeemed"!! If more people were aware they could cash-in those gift cards or trade them for a retailer of their choice, maybe more of that money would be used! Here are Six Places you can Sell Gift Cards Online. 1. will verify your gift card information online. You have the option to receive payment via check, PayPal or MoneyGram. Each option has a different payout but they all seem fairly close to the original value of the gift card. Here are a few for comparison:   2. Plastic Jungle accepts gift cards with balances of at least $25 that are issued in the US. Previewing the amount Plastic Jungle would pay for each gift card is not as simple as it was at but they do share the percentage of payout … [Read more...]

SavingStar Pays You to Shop!


You know those loyalty cards most stores give you to receive their discounts or weekly deals? Believe it or not, using those cards could have been earning you money when you shop all this time! SavingStar is a program that does just that- pays you to shop using your loyalty cards! SavingStar is fairly simple. Register your loyalty cards on their site. Shop. Earn Money. Well...maybe a little less simple than that-- Do I get paid for everything I buy? No, it's a lot like couponing. You must visit SavingStar and browse the current savings for your local stores. When you see something you think you may purchase in the near future, just hit the "I want this" button. This loads that deal on your cards. If you buy that item then you are paid the savings amount to your account.   For example: I plan to buy a box of Cheerios the next time I do my grocery shopping. By visiting SavingStar and seeing this eCoupon, I can click the "I Want This" button and … [Read more...]

Share Coupon Codes to Make Money Online


Did you know you can make money online by sharing coupon codes? Coupon Chief is a company I read about on a new WAH blog, Real Ways to Make Money Online, (not to be confused with Real Ways to EARN Money Online ;) ). After seeing Stephanie's success adding a few coupon codes to the Coupon Chief database, I decided to try it out myself!   What is Coupon Chief? Coupon Chief is one of many sites online shoppers can visit to find coupon codes before making their final purchase. If you are like me, you rarely buy anything at full price! When I am shopping online and I see a place I can place in a discount code, I am sure to search Google for a code that may save me some money. Coupon Chief is one site that I would likely find a code to  use. Although there are many coupon sites, Coupon Chief is unique in that they pay you to share your coupon codes! How Much Money can I make sharing Coupon Codes? Coupon Chief pays you 2% of the total purchase amount using your coupon code! So, … [Read more...]