3 Brain Breaks You Should Be Taking

Increase your productivity by taking brain breaks

My daughter's kindergarten teacher had regularly intervalled "brain breaks" for her students. I'm not sure if it was for the kids or herself but it's something we should all be doing. While too many breaks can distract your mind and cause you to lose focus- you need to keep yourself sharp by giving your brain a break once in a while. Everyone is different in how often they should take a brain break but I suggest every couple of hours we stop what we are doing, stand up, shake our legs and complete one or more of these brain break suggestions. (And no- I didn't include … [Read more...]

Homeschooling While Working From Home

How to manage working from home while homeschooling

When I first had the idea for this article it seemed easy.  I was going to lay out some nice, pretty bullet points on ways to practically manage working from home and homeschooling.  I quickly realized however, that just wouldn't work.  First, it gives the illusion that the task is “nice and pretty” as well as the crazy idea that I actually “manage” it.  The fact is, I (we) survive it.  Another fact is, it is spectacularly awesome and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I decided I could only let you know some ways that I have found, in the first year, to help it work … [Read more...]

7 Things You Will Hate About Working From Home

Seven ways working from home just sucks.

Working from home is all sparkles and sunshine. There isn't a boss watching over your shoulder and the coffee pot could seriously be plugged in and sitting on your desk! You can wear your pajamas to work, or work naked if you want. Your boss totally rocks and you don't have to deal with road rage to get to your office. Is your mind blown yet? Yeah working from home is pretty awesome. But there are also some reasons to hate it. Here are seven reasons that working from home kind of sucks.   1. That Look That look you get when someone finds out you work … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Introverts are Often the Happiest as Freelancers

This is why introverts are the best at working from home.

Being introverted naturally provides you with some great character traits that will make working as a freelancer easier than your extroverted counterpart. Even if you aren't completely on the introverted scale, but tipping that direction, you'll find the quiet solitude of working from home fulfilling. Here are 10 common introvert character traits that are beneficial to working from home as a freelancer. 1. Time to Recharge It's not that you are depressed or afraid of people, introverts just need some alone-time to recharge. Being a freelancer with a flexible … [Read more...]

5 Things to Do When Work is Slow

things to do when work is slow

As I sit here with my work being quite slow, my mind is racing with different things I can do. I haven’t had to look for work for 16 months and now my mind is starting to wonder if I’ll need to start looking. Anyways, while I sit here at home with 3 children, I realize I depend on work to keep my mind busy. So, what happens when work is a little slower than usual? Your mind starts going off the deep end. Here are five things you can do when work is slow.   Wash Your Walls Seriously, we are about to move and I looked over at our walls and almost barfed. What is … [Read more...]