How to Find Your Work at Home Groove

Survive Working from Home by Finding Your Groove

I've been working from home for nearly three years now and my schedule changes on a day to day basis. I've always struggled to find my work at home groove, until I learned to go with the flow. I figured I’d give you some of my best tips. Ready, set, go! Try Something New I am one that likes to stick to what works. However, sometimes what works doesn't always go well. That’s why I started trying new things. You know, working when my kids are awake instead of just when they’re sleeping. Don’t be afraid to ask others for hints as well. Try Exercising I put off exercising for so long because I thought it interrupted my work. If I can’t find an hour to exercise during the day, then something is wrong. When did we start putting our health over our work? Taking care of yourself is sure to help you get your work groove back. Taking a REAL Break I always fight myself on taking breaks while working. I've discovered over and over again that the more breaks I take then the more productive I … [Read more...]

How to Stay Motivated During the Winter Months

Get Motivated in the Winter

As the days get shorter during the winter months, it can be difficult to stay motivated when working from home.  There are a few things you can do to help, however - this post will provide some ideas for how to stay motivated during winter.   Get out and get some fresh air This is easy to do during the warmer months, but during the winter it's not so easy.  Still, if you can motivate yourself to put on some warm clothes and go out and take a brisk walk, or do something outdoors for a least a little while, your sanity will stay in check and you'll be able to beat that winter slump.  For me this means going out with my husband on the weekends to visit friends, or even just to run errands, since my phone job keeps me in the house during the week.  When I'm able to make as much from writing as I do from my phone job, however, I may just start trying to get out more often, even during the winter months. Work at night and try and get out during the day If you're worried that … [Read more...]

Getting Your “WAHA Mojo” Back After the Holidays

Work at Home Mojo After the Holidays

Let's see. First, there was Thanksgiving. That took a few days to get going again after it was over. Then came Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. Then came New Year's. Now, just as you're getting back into your regular work-at-home routine--another holiday called Valentine's Day is rumored to be heading your way! What's a work-at-homer (WAHer) to do to regain structure, focus, self-discipline, motivation, and income? For the purpose of this blog post, mojo can be defined as "desire, drive or passion." So when lost, it can create boredom and procrastination or anything else that you would consider its opposite. Well, there are three ways to once more regain your mojo when it comes to your WAH business: "Change your view".  Dr. Wayne Dyer, author of Change Your Thoughts--Change Your Life, often touts this. Sometimes just having a different perspective of what you are trying to achieve is helpful. For example, you aren't spending money on new software but reinvesting in your home … [Read more...]

Overcoming Procrastination While Working From Home

Guide to Getting More Done While Working From Home

I recently downloaded and read the book The Inner Game of Productivity: The Ultimate Guide To Overcoming Procrastination And Getting Things Done While Working From Home by Chaiwat Theerasong when it was offered for free on Amazon.  It caught my eye because it was specifically meant for people who work from home, so I thought it could be beneficial for me, as well as others.  This post will provide a short review of the subjects covered in the book, as well as the ways that I've applied them to the work that I do from home.   3 Reasons We Procrastinate Chaiwat  starts by talking about the three main reasons why we procrastinate - lack of confidence, mental issues, and lack of energy - and also breaks those down further - for example, when talking about lack of confidence, he says that the reasons why our confidence could be diminished is because we attach our self-worth to our ability and performance, and he also talks about four fears that govern our actions - the fear of … [Read more...]

Self-Motivation – What It Should Really Look Like

How to Be a Self Motivator

Do you consider yourself to be a self-motivated individual? Do you engage in positive pep talks with yourself? Do you understand the importance of accountability? Well, then my friend and fellow work-at-homer (WAHer), you understand the importance of being a self-motivated person. Not everyone can be a self-motivated individual, but as you are learning, it is an important quality of those who successfully work at home.   What Exactly is Self-Motivation? Simply put, self-motivation is the ability to conjure up within yourself the desire, drive or passion to begin or finish a project or accomplishment. While it may sound easy, anyone who works at home knows that there are days when everything is in chaos at home with every imaginable distraction happening. All of this chaos can derail your motivation and cause you not to focus on your work or your business.   Is There Good Self-Motivation and Bad Self-Motivation? Self-motivation is always a good … [Read more...]