Top 3 Tips for Recession-Proofing Your Freelance Writing Income

Learn how to recession proof your freelance income with three basic principles.

Taking the plunge into the world of freelance writing is exciting. You have the opportunity to work your own hours around your preferred schedule. You have the advantage of getting paid for doing what you love. You also have the benefit of being able to work from any location, as long as you have a computer and an internet connection available. However, there are many freelance writers who don't take the time to plan their business cash flow to help them cope during lean times. While clients are ordering articles to be written, money will flow into your account readily. So what happens to your freelance writing business when those orders dry up? How will you find alternatives to keep your income rolling when times are tight? Here are some tips for ensuring your freelance writing business always has enough money coming in to keep the bills paid.   Broaden Your Debtor Base It's surprising how many freelance writers hang on to one or two regular clients with no thought of … [Read more...]

Two Free Android Apps to Help You Ace Your Job Interview

Android Apps that will help with your next Job Interview

Use your Android smartphone or tablet to help you practice for your upcoming job interview and to overcome your anxiety when being grilled with tough questions by a hiring manager. Here are two free mobile apps from the Google Play and iTunes store that you can download and use for your mock interview rehearsals. These will come in very handy for any virtual interviews via skype, in-office interviews sitting face to face and even over the phone when answering questions by a potential employer or freelance clients.   Job Interview Questions and Answers This video app's interactive features make it possible for you to conduct mock interviews and to record your answers. When you play back your responses, you can then assess how you will look like to the interviewer. The mobile app also guides you on how best to formulate your answers for typical job interview questions, including responding to an interviewer's question about yourself, your reasons for applying, the gaps … [Read more...]

Q/A: How to Market My Virtual Assistant Business

How to Market a Virtual Assistant Business

Question: I need some guidance. I am planning on creating my own business in virtual assisting. I need wisdom in how to advertise my business. I need to know how to get started. Any links would be more than appreciated. Thank you so very much.   Answer: Most of the Virtual Assistants I know get their start by first creating a basic website- can even be a 1 page site with a way to contact you. Then they all go to sites like Elance and Odesk to look for work. Start small- building up from there. Once in a while you will find clients who turn out to be long term, repeat business and word of mouth. Once you have experience you can usually land a couple of well paying clients who can take up most of your available time and you really wont have to market as much. I have learned through chatting with others and running a web design service- there is no better marketing method than word of mouth. Here is a VA Guide to starting your own business written by a VA friend of … [Read more...]

File Your Work at Home Taxes- TurboTax

I have filed taxes using online software like TurboTax for  years. Even though I work from home and am self-employed- I find using TurboTax is easy! It walks me through deductions and seems fit to my exact situation. Unique Tax Circumstances My husband is a truck driver- so he receives a lot of unique tax deductions. I worried if trying to find these deductions with TurboTax would be difficult. But once again, it was not a problem at all. The program asks me a series of questions and guides me through the entire thing. There is extra help available as well- even the ability to speak to a live representative. Cost Effective If you have a basic tax situation then filing your federal will be free! State filing will cost something around 15 dollars generally. If you have a complex situation, like your own home business, there is an online service specifically for you! It is the most expensive package- but still a lot cheaper than visiting a Tax Prep office and having someone else … [Read more...]

Work at Home Jobs are Not Always Good for Parents

what moms and dads need to know about work at home jobs

Moms and Dads with young kids tend to be one of the largest groups in the market for work at home jobs. It sounds ideal initially. Parents can be home with their kids, enjoy all those important moments and spend quality time with them, while continuing to earn an income. The fact is, there are definitely advantages to working from home for moms with young kids, but there are some things that should be considered before choosing any particular way of making money from home. 1. Flexibility in Schedule Many young moms are disappointed to learn that a lot of work at home jobs do not fit in with their mothering lifestyle. Some are actually quite strict when it comes to the times the work is completed. Those with young children at home need to be able to tend to them on demand, which can make working a set schedule very difficult. There are plenty of work at home jobs with 8 to 5 schedules, but that is not necessarily the best time for a mom with young kids to work. 2. Flexibility in the … [Read more...]