Copify Hires Freelance Writers

Learn about being a freelance writer for Copify

Copify is a copywriting service website that hires Freelance writers from the US, UK, Australia and Canada. Based out of the United Kingdom, Copify claims to only hire skilled writers to provide services to a variety of markets and niches. From blog writing, product descriptions to SEO articles- Copify offers a lot to their clients and therefore need a variety of skilled writers to work on a freelance basis.   Does Copify Hire New Freelance Writers? Yes! But, you must be a skilled writer. While Copify does not have a set-in-stone list of requirements to qualify as a freelance writer, they are interested in people who have specialized training through courses or degrees in the field of writing or journalism. Experience as a writer is, of course, going to help you reach the skill level expected by Copify. According to the company, about 40% of applicants are approved.   How are Assignments Assigned? Copify posts available assignments and eligible writers can choose to … [Read more...]

Make Money Writing Greeting Card Messages

How to Get Started Making Money by Writing Greeting Cards

Billions of greeting cards are sold every year, from traditional birthday, anniversary and Christmas cards, to cards expressing sympathy, sorrow and congratulations. Publishers of greeting cards are always looking for fresh ideas, verses and prose to add to their cards. If you can write a witty verse, clever pun or piece of touching prose, you could make money writing greeting card messages.   The Greeting Card Market Writing greeting card messages can be a lucrative venture, but competition is high. In the early stages, it's best to concentrate on the smaller greeting card publishers, as there will be less competition, and you are more likely to have your work accepted. As you become more confident and build a catalogue of accepted work, you can approach the bigger companies.   Researching Publishers Research is vital to the success of your venture. Spend some time browsing through greeting card stores. Make a note of the different greeting card publishers (details … [Read more...]

A Review of Yahoo! Voices

Freelance Writing for Yahoo! Voices

Yahoo! Voices, previously called Yahoo! Contributor Network or Associated Content, is one of my favorite sites to write for. You can write about what you want to write about, or you can write articles about any topics that Yahoo! Voices has requested.  In addition, there are a few different ways you can get paid.  In this blog post I'll provide a little more information about Yahoo! Voices. What can I write about on Yahoo! Voices? You can write just about any type of article on Yahoo! Voices - I've written articles about working from home, as well as articles on health topics, and a few articles about my town's sign ordinance, which was challenged after a resident spray-painted a message on his home letting everyone know how he felt about a road-widening project that left him with flooding problems in his yard.   What are my options for getting paid? There are a few different ways you can get paid when you write for Yahoo! Voices. After you write your article, you can … [Read more...]

Review of Work at Home Jobs with TextMaster

Review of Work at Home Jobs with TextMaster

TextMaster offers Copywriting, Proofreading and Translation services to a variety of clients. They provide web content for blogs and articles as well. Today we will be reviewing the basic jobs offered to freelancers at TextMaster as an overview. Later, in a future article, we will share some freelancer experience with TextMaster by some of our very own writers.   Freelance Jobs at TextMaster TextMaster has three positions freelancers can apply for through their site. These positions include copywriting, translating and proofreading. You can apply for all three positions, or just one or two- whichever you qualify for and are interested in.   What is the Application Process Like? The application process at TextMaster is easy to follow and simple. First, anyone can create an author account at TextMaster by registering for the site. Once you are logged into their Author dashboard you will be able to apply for whichever of the positions you desire. Applying for … [Read more...]

Internet Brands- Back from the Dead?

Freelance Writers needed at Internet Brands Publishing

It appears that a few years ago Internet Brands was a jumpin jivin' content mill for freelancers.  They work with several reputable companies, pay well, and at the time had plenty of work.  After a while it seems, as with all good things, the workflow came to an end and those writers still on board moved on to other things.  For the moment however, it seems Internet Brands is back from the dead with more work, good pay, and a solid reputation despite a dry spell.   Complaints and Praises Since about 2008 or so there has been forum chatter that basically only praises Internet Brands save one exception, an occasional lack of work.  That is not so different from any other content mill, and when you take into account the considerable higher pay, there really is no complaint at all unless you fail to follow the age old freelancing rule of keeping plenty of eggs in your basket.   Current job openings show some standard size articles paying as much as $30!   Internet Brands … [Read more...]