Make Money: How to Become a Freelance Consultant

How to make money online with your own consulting business.

Ever considered making money from your expertise and pursuing a career in freelance consulting? If you have a lot of knowledge about a certain topic, or have gained experience working in the same field for several years, you could become a consultant. Here are some top tips for starting your own successful and profitable consultancy business from home.   Find Your Niche and Learn More About It You'll probably already know your niche and what field you are considering freelancing in. It may be that you have worked in one particular sector for many years, or … [Read more...]

Review of the Kinzer Projects

A Variety of Online Based Work Projects offered through Kinzer

Are you tired of large bidding sites? Would you prefer the quality of jobs over the quantity of jobs? Do you appreciate a site that advertises at several other sites? Then Kinzer Projects might be the place for you.   What Exactly is Kinzer Project? The Kinzer Project  or Kinzer Projects, LLC was founded in 2007 as a place for business owners to receive the outsourced help that they needed, so they could focus on their business not on the lack of needed talent and skills. Instead of bidding on jobs, independent contractors are invited to apply for … [Read more...]

eaHELP Hires Virtual Assistants

Becoming a Virtual Assistant and Work from Home for EAHelp

eaHELP connects fast paced companies with talented Virtual Assistants who are able to work remotely from all over the United States. eaHELP has a christian foundation that focuses on having a heart of gratitude, being a servant and Glorifying God. What an eaHELP Virtual Assistant Looks Like eaHELP looks for experienced individuals who are able to manage multiple projects and deadlines. Virtual Assistants working for eaHELP need to be able to adapt to a changing environment and solve problems quickly. Being up to date on the latest internet trends and apps is a … [Read more...]

Q/A: How to Market My Virtual Assistant Business

How to Market a Virtual Assistant Business

Question: I need some guidance. I am planning on creating my own business in virtual assisting. I need wisdom in how to advertise my business. I need to know how to get started. Any links would be more than appreciated. Thank you so very much.   Answer: Most of the Virtual Assistants I know get their start by first creating a basic website- can even be a 1 page site with a way to contact you. Then they all go to sites like Elance and Odesk to look for work. Start small- building up from there. Once in a while you will find clients who turn out to be long … [Read more...]

Virtual Assisting at Time etc

virtual assistant for time etc

Virtual Assisting is a broad job title. Essentially it is someone who works remotely to assist a client. How they assist the client can vary from basic data entry, website assistant, answering emails, making phone calls and really- as you can imagine- the list can go on and on. Being a virtual assistant is a great way to take your skill set and make a living online- from home. However, with competition from around the globe and finding many clients are short-term, being a virtual assistant can be a challenge. Welcome Time etc. What is Time Etc? Time etc is an … [Read more...]