Make Money Online with ChatAbout

review of Chat About

ChatAbout is a website where you can earn money online by participating in group discussions, asking questions, answering questions from other users, participating in polls or even keeping up with the daily news headlines.  Essentially, it is a social hub that shares its revenue with the users. ChatAbout is fairly new site but gaining in popularity quickly. There are constant discussions and many people responding to questions. Even if you aren't looking at ChatAbout to earn money online, it is a great place to meet others who share your passions in life. It's also a really good way to get your burning questions answered. I've been active for over 2 months. I joined sometime in January and I really like it so far. I don't feel like I am trying to make money because the conversations are genuine. It's an enjoyable site and the fact I earn money for being active is pretty awesome. Here is a quick promo video that explains the basic concept of what ChatAbout is well...all … [Read more...]

Review of Blur Marketing

Blur Group High End Freelance Bidding Site

Would you like to add another freelance site to your list? Do you enjoy longer projects rather than shorter ones? Are you someone who is comfortable with more challenging, "high-end" types of freelance projects? Well, then Blur Marketing might be the right freelance opportunity for you.   What Exactly is Blur Marketing? Blur Marketing is a site where freelancers can write pitches (proposals) and try to land potential projects. The site was founded in 2010 in the UK by Philip Letts, the CEO and founder. Among their clients are eBay, Zurich, PitneyBowes, and CNN to name a few. Blur Marketing offers a platform where creatives can offer their services direct to the people commissioning them. Blur claims to cut out some of the time and money that used to have to be invested in requests for tender from agencies. What Types of Jobs Are Available at Blur Marketing? That really depends upon what type of work that you want to pick up at Blur Marketing. My understanding … [Read more...]

Sites Like eBay

6 Sites Like eBay

Do you enjoy selling unwanted items online, but have gotten into a rut? Do you need to unload a few items to make room in your home office? Do you have at least one closet so full that a helmet is required just to open the door? Well, if you have ever found yourself in this or a similar situation, there more sites springing up online where you can turn your "junk into jingles"--pocket jingles that is! While most of you are probably familiar with the "big guys", sites such as eBay and Amazon, there are other sites available with more popping up all the time. This article will attempt to introduce those other sites and also briefly mention or reintroduce eBay and Amazon. This Selling Site Was Originally Called AuctionWeb Founded on September 3, 1995 by a 28-year-old software developer, Pierre Omidyar, his code became THE code for what would eventually evolve into what we now know as eBay. Originally called AuctionWeb it became a place to sell overstocked items, antiques … [Read more...]

Earn Using Bing Rewards

Bing Rewards Points

There are a lot of legitimate ways to make some extra cash while being online. The Bing Rewards program is certainly one we should all consider for those extra few bucks, that combined can truly add up. If you are a registered Bing Rewards member then you can earn points for searching the web.   About the Bing Rewards Program Use Bing to do your daily searching online  so you can rack up points as a Bing Rewards member. The points can later be redeemed for rewards like Applebees Gift Cards, shopping, donating to a charity- among many other options.  If you are online researching ways to make money online or learning more about companies offering home based employment- then you are probably using a search engine quite often. Using Bing as a Rewards member can put a few extra goodies in your pocket over time. After you join, you can forget about it and continue using Bing as you normally would. Then by next Christmas you could have a nice chunk of points to … [Read more...]

Extra Cash for High School Teenagers

Teens making money online

High School teenagers are often in a tough spot. They are attending school full time, relying on their parents, trying to be social and active in extra curricular activities and limited in their spending to whatever mom or dad will throw their way. Somehow many of us managed to also work a part time job in between the rest of our high school life. But the world has changed and now there is a much more practical way for teenagers to make money without finding a fast food job or delivering newspapers. Today's youth has access to the internet. Technology has changed the world and now teenagers can turn to the internet to find ways to make extra spending money. The flexibility of working online gives teenagers the ability to remain focused on their studies while still giving them the responsibility of working for their money.   PayPal for Teenagers Most online workplaces pay with PayPal. If you are a teenager or the parent of one, setting up a PayPal account will … [Read more...]