VoxBox and Influenster: Free Stuff!

Get Free stuff at Influenster

Influenster is a group of trendsetting, social media savvy consumers who give their opinion on popular brands and products that they use in their everyday life.  These consumers share their opinion of products with their friends on Facebook and Followers on Twitter/YouTube etc.  The most active members are invited to receive exclusive VoxBox programs where they get complimentary products from popular brands. Some VoxBoxes are filled with assortments of products, while others may feature just one brand. The more people you reach, the more likely you are to be chosen … [Read more...]

6 Sites to Send In Your Used Electronics and Make Money!

Make Extra Cash: sell your old and used electronics

Do you have a drawer full of broken tablets, smashed cell phones, and old e-readers? Do you constantly vow to get them to a place of recycling but never do? Do you secretly wonder if they might be worth a few dollars and you can always use extra cash?   Then there are six websites about to make your wishes come true!  You can even sell these sites broken electronics past the warranty and have them offer you money. Sell Your Broken Electronics BuyMyTronics.com and GoRoostr.com are two websites that will buy your broken or used electronics and even … [Read more...]

BZZAgent- Score Free Stuff and Earn Rewards

Get Free Stuff by becoming a BzzAgent

What’s all the BZZ About?!?! BZZAgent connects thousands of consumers with the latest and greatest products and services.  Become an agent and take advantage of the opportunity to try new products and services and give your honest opinion about them. How Do I Become A BZZAgent? Just Sign Up! The good news is there is no cost to join BZZAgent. Go to bzzagent.com and remember to visit the site weekly to take surveys. This will help BZZAgent know which campaigns are best for you, and will increase your chances of getting more products! There is often time between … [Read more...]

Review of Microconsulting for Maven

How to work from home as a microconsultant of things you know.

Ever feel that you a great deal of knowledge about one particular subject, but nowhere to use it? Or maybe at one time you worked outside the home in a career and now want a way to incorporate that knowledge into your work-at-home (WAH) business? Well, then maybe you can become a microconsultant at Maven.co.   What Exactly is Maven? Maven is a database that connects experts in many professions by making them microconsultants and then allowing them to correspond in a vibrant way to form the Maven community.   Maven believes that anyone can be a … [Read more...]

Make Money Online with ChatAbout

review of Chat About

ChatAbout is a website where you can earn money online by participating in group discussions, asking questions, answering questions from other users, participating in polls or even keeping up with the daily news headlines.  Essentially, it is a social hub that shares its revenue with the users. ChatAbout is fairly new site but gaining in popularity quickly. There are constant discussions and many people responding to questions. Even if you aren't looking at ChatAbout to earn money online, it is a great place to meet others who share your passions in life. It's also … [Read more...]