Become an Image Reviewer at Shutterstock

Have a love of photography? Shutterstock hires virtual workers to review images online.

Do you enjoy photography as a hobby? Do you know a winning photo when you spot it? Do you want something flexible that doesn’t require making phone calls? Then let’s introduce you to Shutterstock and the work-at-home (WAH) Image Review position. What is Shutterstock? Shutterstock is an online community of photographers, videographers, artists, and illustrators that sell their work royalty-free to businesses and consumers.  The site is basically set up as an e-commerce site where buyers and sellers can connect.  They even have their own … [Read more...]

11 Contest Sites for Designers

11 Contest sites for logo designers to earn money

There are many ways to make money online as a designer. One popular, and many would say, fun way to earn from your creativity and skills with Illustrator and Photoshop is by utilizing crowdsourcing contest sites. There are several places online where a business/brand will post their need for things such as logos, web design, brand images and so on. A pool or crowd of designers can submit original logo ideas and the company/brand can then choose their favorites from all the submissions. The designer whose work is chosen as the winner of the contest earns the … [Read more...]

Review of Microconsulting for Maven

How to work from home as a microconsultant of things you know.

Ever feel that you a great deal of knowledge about one particular subject, but nowhere to use it? Or maybe at one time you worked outside the home in a career and now want a way to incorporate that knowledge into your work-at-home (WAH) business? Well, then maybe you can become a microconsultant at   What Exactly is Maven? Maven is a database that connects experts in many professions by making them microconsultants and then allowing them to correspond in a vibrant way to form the Maven community.   Maven believes that anyone can be a … [Read more...]

Make Money Writing Greeting Card Messages

How to Get Started Making Money by Writing Greeting Cards

Billions of greeting cards are sold every year, from traditional birthday, anniversary and Christmas cards, to cards expressing sympathy, sorrow and congratulations. Publishers of greeting cards are always looking for fresh ideas, verses and prose to add to their cards. If you can write a witty verse, clever pun or piece of touching prose, you could make money writing greeting card messages.   The Greeting Card Market Writing greeting card messages can be a lucrative venture, but competition is high. In the early stages, it's best to concentrate on the … [Read more...]

Sites Like eBay

6 Sites Like eBay

Do you enjoy selling unwanted items online, but have gotten into a rut? Do you need to unload a few items to make room in your home office? Do you have at least one closet so full that a helmet is required just to open the door? Well, if you have ever found yourself in this or a similar situation, there more sites springing up online where you can turn your "junk into jingles"--pocket jingles that is! While most of you are probably familiar with the "big guys", sites such as eBay and Amazon, there are other sites available with more popping up all the time. … [Read more...]