Five Things I Hate About Elance

Reasons I hate being a freelancer for Elance

Elance was one of the first places I turned to when I started working from home as a freelancer. I landed a few gigs and even had a few long-term clients for about a year. However, just because something is good, doesn’t mean it will last forever. Elance has some great things going for it, but here are 5 things I cannot stand about Elance. #1. Waiting for money I’m not going to lie. I did a few social media updates and a blog post for a client and I’m still waiting on that money. This can be so very frustrating because I worked for that money and I want it now. Perhaps J.G. Wentworth can help me out. Just kidding. I’ll let you know when I’m 85 and Elance finally releases my money.   #2. Clients expect the world No client on Elance (that I know of) wants to pay you what you're worth. The quality of jobs have become very similar to oDesk. It’s amazing if you win a bid for a job and actually get paid what you’re worth. I’ve had to lower my overall price several times just … [Read more...]

Make Money Writing Greeting Card Messages

How to Get Started Making Money by Writing Greeting Cards

Billions of greeting cards are sold every year, from traditional birthday, anniversary and Christmas cards, to cards expressing sympathy, sorrow and congratulations. Publishers of greeting cards are always looking for fresh ideas, verses and prose to add to their cards. If you can write a witty verse, clever pun or piece of touching prose, you could make money writing greeting card messages.   The Greeting Card Market Writing greeting card messages can be a lucrative venture, but competition is high. In the early stages, it's best to concentrate on the smaller greeting card publishers, as there will be less competition, and you are more likely to have your work accepted. As you become more confident and build a catalogue of accepted work, you can approach the bigger companies.   Researching Publishers Research is vital to the success of your venture. Spend some time browsing through greeting card stores. Make a note of the different greeting card publishers (details … [Read more...]

Make Money Online with ChatAbout

review of Chat About

ChatAbout is a website where you can earn money online by participating in group discussions, asking questions, answering questions from other users, participating in polls or even keeping up with the daily news headlines.  Essentially, it is a social hub that shares its revenue with the users. ChatAbout is fairly new site but gaining in popularity quickly. There are constant discussions and many people responding to questions. Even if you aren't looking at ChatAbout to earn money online, it is a great place to meet others who share your passions in life. It's also a really good way to get your burning questions answered. I've been active for over 2 months. I joined sometime in January and I really like it so far. I don't feel like I am trying to make money because the conversations are genuine. It's an enjoyable site and the fact I earn money for being active is pretty awesome. Here is a quick promo video that explains the basic concept of what ChatAbout is well...all … [Read more...]

Review of Blur Marketing

Blur Group High End Freelance Bidding Site

Would you like to add another freelance site to your list? Do you enjoy longer projects rather than shorter ones? Are you someone who is comfortable with more challenging, "high-end" types of freelance projects? Well, then Blur Marketing might be the right freelance opportunity for you.   What Exactly is Blur Marketing? Blur Marketing is a site where freelancers can write pitches (proposals) and try to land potential projects. The site was founded in 2010 in the UK by Philip Letts, the CEO and founder. Among their clients are eBay, Zurich, PitneyBowes, and CNN to name a few. Blur Marketing offers a platform where creatives can offer their services direct to the people commissioning them. Blur claims to cut out some of the time and money that used to have to be invested in requests for tender from agencies. What Types of Jobs Are Available at Blur Marketing? That really depends upon what type of work that you want to pick up at Blur Marketing. My understanding … [Read more...]

Review of GetACoder

Review of Freelance Bidding Site

Are you a freelance writer who is always struggling to find work? Do you have a limited marketing budget to advertise your services? Have you exhausted the content mills? Well, then GetACoder might be the freelance place for you. What Exactly is GetACoder? GetACoder is a freelance writing site where freelancers go to bid on jobs. GetACoder likes to call itself a "global services marketing place" and has providers in 234 countries to back up that claim. GetACoder also prides itself on being a site that breaks down the barriers between buyers (clients) and providers (freelancers) then provides the necessary collaboration tools to help them get the most out of the relationship. In other words, their unique platform is a way for buyers to manage their projects just as easily from the budgeting side as from the project management side. GetACoder is similar to most bidding sites that providers (freelancers) an opportunity to create their portfolios and bid on jobs as well … [Read more...]