Is USAContactPoint a Legit Virtual Call Center?

Review of Virtual Call Center USAContactPoint

USAContactPoint is an American Based virtual call center.  At first it appears this is a new company, but looking further we find this is simply a company with a bad history who has decided to do business under a new name. Fortunately, it was a good move on their part as they handle customer service and sales calls for many clients. Current phone agents handling these calls are reportedly satisfied with their work and have had more positive to report in the last year than negative.   Employee or Contract? USAContactPoint's call center agents are Independent Contractors.   Where does  USAContactPoint Hire? Agents are needed nationwide but within the United States only. Pay at USAContactPoint Agents are paid for talk time at a rate of 18 cents per minute plus incentives. Pay is weekly via direct deposit. When companies pay for talk time versus an hourly rate, it is important to consider that most companies are not consistently handling calls back to back. There … [Read more...]

ACD Direct – Work at Home Servicing Non-Profits

Review of ACD Direct Home Phone Business

ACD Direct is a Contact Center Solution Company handling call center needs for familiar organizations. The business began 14 years ago in Utah - getting their start offering customer support services to a very large computer manufacturer.  ACD has since evolved from being a brick and mortar call center to now offering virtual call center services. ACD works mainly with non-profit organizations like NPR, PBS and other organizations like political campaigns and charities. What is an ACD Direct IBO? ACD Direct uses the term IBO often. The acronym stands for Independent Business Owner. It is very clear that when working for ACD Direct- you are working for yourself as an independent contractor. IBOs working for ACD Direct answer inbound calls and follow a flexible script to assist the clients needs at the time. Most commonly, the calls received by IBOs are from generous people interested in donating to their favorite charity, a local PBS channel or radio station. ACD agents collect … [Read more...]

Review of 6Calls

6Calls Review of a Home Based Call Center

UPDATE: 6Calls website no longer exists - may be doing business as K-Calls [02/2014] Do you enjoy sales but don't want to sound "salesy" or scripted? Do you enjoy calling on behalf of marketing campaigns and events? Then might the the work-at-home (WAH) fit for you.   What Exactly is 6Calls? Founded in 2009 by Michael Karlsrud, 6Calls is a work-at-home call center that believes the clients brand message should be a conversation and not a scripted sales pitch. The reason the company is named 6Calls is because in marketing, it is believed that it takes six calls to leave a lasting impression and/or for the client to decide to buy your product or service after six initial contacts.   What Will the Call Center Agent at 6Calls Be Doing? The at-home call agent would be performing any one of these roles: tele-services, which would include the sales calls and appointment setting events support, which would be inviting others to the client's … [Read more...]

Review of

GoFLUENT- use your degree and work from home-

Do you have a degree in education that you aren't using while working at home? Do you enjoy working with people of other cultures and seeing them succeed? Do you enjoy languages, especially the English language? Then goFluent might be the work-at-home (WAH) job for you!   What Exactly is goFLUENT? Similar to Idapted and ISpeakUSpeak, goFLUENT is a place where international students can go to practice their business English skills. With English being the international language and the business world becoming more global, business English skills are in demand. The company, goFLUENT, seeks to provide state-of-the-art technology for language development to it's clients, students, and trainers. The company offers on-demand distance Business English training with fully integrated learning solutions combining e-learning, written coaching, and live telephone training 24/7. With offices located in the US, Canada, and The Philippines, goFLUENT was founded in 2000 by a … [Read more...]

Review of ispeakuspeak AKA ISUS

Work from Home as an ESL coach at ISUS

Do you have a love for the English language? Do you also enjoy helping and teaching others? Well, then might be the right work-at-home (WAH) opportunity for you.   What Exactly is ispeakuspeak or ISUS as It is Called? Similar to, ispeakuspeakor ISUS is an innovative online language platform where students learning English go to practice their language skills. The platform connects the students, the trainers, and the ISUS pedagogical team. These international students already speak, read, write, and understand English but want to become more adept at conversational English. Many of these students could also use the language skills in their professions for negotiations, meetings, email, and other communication. This is where you the virtual trainer would be needed. While  ISUS claims to consider applicants without formal experience- they do list "ESL or other educational field qualifications and/or experience" as a requirement. You need … [Read more...]