Is USAContactPoint a Legit Virtual Call Center?

Review of Virtual Call Center USAContactPoint

USAContactPoint is an American Based virtual call center.  At first it appears this is a new company, but looking further we find this is simply a company with a bad history who has decided to do business under a new name. Fortunately, it was a good move on their part as they handle customer service and sales calls for many clients. Current phone agents handling these calls are reportedly satisfied with their work and have had more positive to report in the last year than negative.   Employee or Contract? USAContactPoint's call center agents are Independent Contractors.   Where does  USAContactPoint Hire? Agents are needed nationwide but within the United States only. Pay at USAContactPoint Agents are paid for talk time at a rate of 18 cents per minute plus incentives. Pay is weekly via direct deposit. When companies pay for talk time versus an hourly rate, it is important to consider that most companies are not consistently handling calls back to back. There … [Read more...]

4 Flexible Phone Jobs

Flexible Phone Jobs

Working from home for a virtual call center has its many advantages. Generally speaking, work from home phone jobs do not require previous experience. Additionally, you can often earn a steady and reliable income by taking sales and/or customer service calls from home. There is a constant need for more virtual workers to handle phone jobs. However, only a fraction of work at home job seekers are able to take phone jobs due to strict equipment requirements and the need to have a quiet environment. Additionally, many of these home based call centers require you to work a set schedule which can eliminate anyone who needs flexibility. Fortunately, if you have a dedicated office space without distractions for even a couple of hours a day - you could still possibly make a phone job work with these flexible companies. LiveOps I worked for LiveOps as a home based phone rep for two years. I managed to work a phone job even though I had a toddler who loved to babble. Thanks to the … [Read more...]

ACD Direct – Work at Home Servicing Non-Profits

Review of ACD Direct Home Phone Business

ACD Direct is a Contact Center Solution Company handling call center needs for familiar organizations. The business began 14 years ago in Utah - getting their start offering customer support services to a very large computer manufacturer.  ACD has since evolved from being a brick and mortar call center to now offering virtual call center services. ACD works mainly with non-profit organizations like NPR, PBS and other organizations like political campaigns and charities. What is an ACD Direct IBO? ACD Direct uses the term IBO often. The acronym stands for Independent Business Owner. It is very clear that when working for ACD Direct- you are working for yourself as an independent contractor. IBOs working for ACD Direct answer inbound calls and follow a flexible script to assist the clients needs at the time. Most commonly, the calls received by IBOs are from generous people interested in donating to their favorite charity, a local PBS channel or radio station. ACD agents collect … [Read more...]

American Express – Work at Home Jobs

Work at Home Jobs at American Express

American Express is a well-known credit card company that offers work-from-home customer service positions.  American Express, also referred to as AMEX, offers more than just a credit card to their customers. From business management solutions to reward points and hosting travel accommodations- American Express has become an all-around service. This is a company known for their exceptional level of friendly customer service. It is exciting to imagine that a company as well-known and prestigious as American Express offers multiple positions for people who are seeking a home based position. For the purposes of this review, only the customer service position was researched.   What Does a Customer Care Professional Do? The American Express Customer Care professionals answer customer questions about their accounts.  They also work to grow and mature customer relationships, and exceed customer expectations by offering solutions tailored specifically to American Express customers, … [Read more...]

Work at Home Jobs with CenturyLink

Review of Work at Home Jobs with CenturyLink

Do you have experience working at home as a virtual call center agent? Do you generally enjoy customer service calls? Do you do well working quickly and under pressure? Well, then CenturyLink might be the right work-at-home (WAH) opportunity for you.   What Exactly is CenturyLink? CenturyLink is a Fortune 500 telecommunications service. This company provides telephone, high-speed Internet, wireless Internet, and online television services through a high-quality fiber optic network. Headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana it is also recognized as a global leader in cloud infrastructure and hosted IT solutions for businesses of all sizes.   What Types of Jobs Are Available at CenturyLink? Outside of the regular "cable guy" jobs, CenturyLink also offers jobs in marketing, sales, human resources, finance, and legal. Like any large corporation, it will have departments and managers at all levels in these departments. This article will discuss the WAH position of … [Read more...]