Overview of Data Entry with iBridge

Online Data Entry for iBridge

*Note that this review is not an indication that iBridge is currently hiring. As stated within the review- they rarely have open positions. Do you need a non-phone job? Do you enjoy data entry? Well, then iBridge might just be the right work-at-home (WAH) opportunity for you.   What Exactly is iBridge? iBridge is a work-at-home (WAH) company that hires workers to do data entry from the comfort of their homes.  This data entry may come from paper, electronic records, voice, or video recordings.  Some of the information you may be asked to type are student records, patient records, and litigation. iBridge offers clients four data services: data entry data normalization data analysis data reporting iBridge maintains a long list of clients which includes Exxon Mobile, Chevron, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and General Electric to name a few.   What Types of WAH Jobs Are Available at iBridge? While there are other jobs offered at iBridge, the … [Read more...]

SpeakWrite – Work at Home Review

SpeakWrite Review

Working from home for the transcription company, SpeakWrite, is a very rewarding opportunity to those who are experienced typists in either General or Legal Transcription.  This is a company with a long history, dating back to 1997. SpeakWrite has proven itself to be reliable. Headquartered in Austin Texas, this American company has served more than 60,000 clients ranging from law firms, insurance companies and government agencies. If you are looking to begin or expand your work at home career in transcription then SpeakWrite is certainly a company to consider.   What Qualifies You to Transcribe for SpeakWrite? SpeakWrite only hires applicants living in the US or Canada. SpeakWrite hires both general and legal transcriptionists and requires that you have at least 2 years of experience within the prior five years of applying. It is important your knowledge of  proper formatting of reports and other documents pertaining to your field is well known. A typing speed of at … [Read more...]

Speechpad – Online Transcription Work

Speechpad online transcription work

Speechpad is a transcription company that offers a unique experience to their customers seeking to turn audio and video files into text. Speechpad uses a mix of both human and automatic computer generated transcription services. According to Speechpad - this provides the highest level of accuracy. Speechpad uses freelance transcriptionists to work the human side of their services. They do not require prior experience- and as you will see later in the article- just about anyone can begin making money online using Speechpad. The following are the types of transcription services offered at Speechpad: Insurance transcription Video transcription Voice to text Audio to text Speech to text Mp3 to text Speechpad services a number of well–known customers such as Yahoo, and Netflix and Hubspot are even repeat customers.  This in itself has seemed to solidify this transcription company as a legitimate way to make money from home.   Experience Requirements You can register … [Read more...]

Types of Work at Home Transcription Jobs

Types of Online Transcription and Where to Find Work

Transcription can be a great way to make extra money working from home, especially if you have a good ear and fast fingers.  There are several different types of transcription jobs that are available on the web, however; it's important that you understand the differences, as well as know where to find these different types of transcription jobs.  This post will provide information on the four most  popular types of transcription jobs, and where you can find them on the Web.   Medical transcription: Medical transcription involves typing up doctors'  recorded notes for different things, such as office visits, surgeries, and other medical procedures.  These typed up notes then become part of the patient's medical record.  The format used for medical transcription can vary depending on the type of medical procedure, but since there's only one person talking (the doctor), you never have to worry about labeling speakers - you just have to know the different parts of the transcript, … [Read more...]

Review of CallRevu

How to work from home transcribing phone calls for CallRevu

Do you have experience working from home as a virtual call center agent? Do you ever dream about not answering the calls but transcribing them? Do you speak "automotive" or have a good understanding of automotive terms? Well, then CallRevu.com might be the right work-at-home (WAH) opportunity for you.   What Exactly is CallRevu? CallRevu is a call center headquartered in Timonium, Maryland which serves the automotive industry by offering call tracking, transcription, real-time alerts, and CRM Integration. If you have ever called your car dealer to ask a question, there will be a recording stating that this call may be recorded. These recorded calls will be transcribed and then reviewed for QA (Quality Assurance), training purposes or even to examine from a customer service standpoint. Clients are able to review these transcribed calls in real-time on their PC, laptop or mobile devices.   What Types of Jobs Are Available? While there other jobs available, … [Read more...]