Skillshare – Make Money Teaching What You Know

skillshare review is a platform where pretty much anyone can teach virtually anything to anyone.  Teachers create classes, decide on a price, and allow students to sign up to take the class.  Subjects taught range from web design to techniques for applying eye makeup, and classes can be taught worldwide through online classes as well as locally. Who Can Teach? Anyone that has a skill to share can apply to create and teach a class through  For online classes, however, they require proof that you know what you are talking about.  For example, if you want to teach a class on web design, you will have to do a short project to show them that you know what you are doing and are qualified to teach on that topic. If you are teaching a local class (offline) then there is no application or 'proof of skills' required.   Does it Cost Anything? Creating a class is free.  You choose what to charge and you are responsible for getting students to attend.  When applying to … [Read more...]

SameSpeak Work at Home Job


SameSpeak connects students learning the English language with coaches via Skype.  Coaches are not necessarily certified English language teachers, but their first language is English.  Coaches are paid to work from home, and provides them with lessons and support to help them be a successful coach.  This leads to repeat bookings, positive feedback, and more work.   The program is designed to supplement formal language training, and coaches are only to focus on teaching conversational, naturally spoken English.  The idea is to give those learning the language a real life opportunity to practice what they have learned and are still learning.   Who Can Sign Up As a Coach at SameSpeak? Anyone that speaks English as their first language and is age 16 or older can sign up as a coach with  Once signed up, training is provided to become a verified coach that receives payment.  The website states that verification is dependent on student demand, and to … [Read more...]

ETS – Work at Home Test Scoring

ETS Scoring

ETS and I go way back. When I was in college for teaching I had to take the Praxis test. That test kept costing me thousands of dollars! Now, I get to research the company behind the Praxis Test. The company I’m reviewing is called ETS and they typically offer Scoring Job Opportunities for those who want to work from home. First of all, ETS is a company that specifically deals with Education and tests. Straight from their website: ETS serves individual students, their parents, educational institutions and government agencies. We do this by: Listening to educators, parents and critics Learning what students and their institutions need Leading in the development of new and innovative products and services So, if you are a student or parent, there is a chance that you may come into contact with ETS over the next ten years or so. As a work at home mom and educator I have run across ETS as work at home opportunity several times. Naturally, ETS explains what a SCORER does at … [Read more...]

5 Work at Home Opportunities in the Education Field


Many of you may know that two years ago I graduated with my degree in Education. Who would have thought that I would not be in a classroom teaching, but instead at home raising my two children? I would not have thought that this is where I would be when I started to work at home.  A lot of people are wondering how as an educator, I can put my education degree to use.  As I searched for work at home opportunities I soon realized the options were endless.   Tutor Out of Your Home A lot of educators will sign up for places like, but you can also tutor from your own home. Start your own tutoring business and watch it take off. Skype is your best friend whenever you are tutoring others across the world. You can even tell friends and family of your tutoring services and word will spread like wildfire.   Score Tests … [Read more...]

Work with ETS Scoring Online


ETS (Educational Testing Service) a private non-profit organization founded in 1947 and headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey has online scoring job opportunities which gives you the opportunity to work from home. You may not recognize the name of the company but I am sure you will recognize the standardized tests they help develop, administer and scores including the SAT®, the Advanced Placement Program Exams® and other testing programs, the TOEFL® and TOEIC® tests, the GRE® General and Subject Tests and The Praxis Series™ assessments and California English Placement Test (EPT) and many more to the sound of over 50 million assessments tests annually in more than 180 countries and at more than 9,000 locations worldwide.   How does Online Scoring Works? There are actually standardized tests that involved writing your responses, not using the usual #2 pencil to fill in the circle. Because of this, the computer can't grade these written responses- this is where ETS comes … [Read more...]