American Express – Work at Home Jobs

Work at Home Jobs at American Express

American Express is a well-known credit card company that offers work-from-home customer service positions.  American Express, also referred to as AMEX, offers more than just a credit card to their customers. From business management solutions to reward points and hosting travel accommodations- American Express has become an all-around service. This is a company known for their exceptional level of friendly customer service. It is exciting to imagine that a company as well-known and prestigious as American Express offers multiple positions for people who are seeking a home based position. For the purposes of this review, only the customer service position was researched.   What Does a Customer Care Professional Do? The American Express Customer Care professionals answer customer questions about their accounts.  They also work to grow and mature customer relationships, and exceed customer expectations by offering solutions tailored specifically to American Express customers, … [Read more...]

Speechpad – Online Transcription Work

Speechpad online transcription work

Speechpad is a transcription company that offers a unique experience to their customers seeking to turn audio and video files into text. Speechpad uses a mix of both human and automatic computer generated transcription services. According to Speechpad - this provides the highest level of accuracy. Speechpad uses freelance transcriptionists to work the human side of their services. They do not require prior experience- and as you will see later in the article- just about anyone can begin making money online using Speechpad. The following are the types of transcription services offered at Speechpad: Insurance transcription Video transcription Voice to text Audio to text Speech to text Mp3 to text Speechpad services a number of well–known customers such as Yahoo, and Netflix and Hubspot are even repeat customers.  This in itself has seemed to solidify this transcription company as a legitimate way to make money from home.   Experience Requirements You can register … [Read more...]

“Your Guide to Taking Paid Surveys for Extra Cash”: A Book Review

Guide to Taking Surveys for Cash

I began seriously looking for ways to earn cash from home around 5 years ago, after the birth of my second child. I kept seeing where people were making money by answering surveys online. I wanted all of that I could get. I found a few sites and earned a little, but it was nowhere near enough to let me stay home with my baby, and it was frustrating spending 20 minutes every now and then for a dollar, maybe two, and not ever have enough to even cash out. If I would have had "Your Guide to Taking Paid Surveys for Extra Cash" by Anna Thurman back then, I could have saved myself a lot of time and frustration. There are a lot of reasons for this, as the book is full of great advice. Most importantly, however, was this little tidbit found starting with the second sentence of the introduction:   "Will it earn you a living from home? No."   Anna makes it clear that this is not a get rich quick scheme or even a get rich over time scheme. It is not hard, but it is … [Read more...]

Internet Brands- Back from the Dead?

Freelance Writers needed at Internet Brands Publishing

It appears that a few years ago Internet Brands was a jumpin jivin' content mill for freelancers.  They work with several reputable companies, pay well, and at the time had plenty of work.  After a while it seems, as with all good things, the workflow came to an end and those writers still on board moved on to other things.  For the moment however, it seems Internet Brands is back from the dead with more work, good pay, and a solid reputation despite a dry spell.   Complaints and Praises Since about 2008 or so there has been forum chatter that basically only praises Internet Brands save one exception, an occasional lack of work.  That is not so different from any other content mill, and when you take into account the considerable higher pay, there really is no complaint at all unless you fail to follow the age old freelancing rule of keeping plenty of eggs in your basket.   Current job openings show some standard size articles paying as much as $30!   Internet Brands … [Read more...]

Is The GymPact App a Scam?

is Gympact Smartphone app a scam?

GymPact is an app that not only pays you for going to the gym, but charges you for not going.  The premise itself is genius.  You are much more likely to do something out of the fear of losing money rather than in an effort to earn a few cents.  But does it work?   GymPact Basics At the beginning of each week you make a "pact" via the app stating how many days you intend to work out and how much you are willing to pay per day if you do not work out.  This amount can be between $5 and $50, but the default is $5.  At the end of the week the money paid from those who did not exercise is prorated out to those who did based on how much they offered up in their pact. Most say this generally comes to about $.50 to $.75 per workout.   How is it Tracked? You check in to your gym via GPS, and then the app tracks how long you are there.  You have to be there 30 minutes for it to count.  When you make your pact, you give credit card information so that you can be automatically … [Read more...]