Get Paid to Blog with LinkVehicle

Review of LinkVehicle

I've been looking for ways to make more money on my website, so I decided to check out LinkVehicle, a website that supposedly pays you to write reviews on your blog.  Though I haven't been asked to write any blog posts for LinkVehicle yet, I wanted to provide some information about this website based on what I've read. What is LinkVehicle? LinkVehicle is a website that pays you to write posts on your blog for their advertisers. What categories of blogs does LinkVehicle accept? I couldn't find any specific information about this on LinkVehicle's site, but according to one review I found on BloggingCage, some of the blog subjects LinkVehicle accepts include blogs about casino, dating, education, autos, business and investing, books, baby, entertainment, fashion, food, music, and news and media. How do I make money with LinkVehicle? Start by signing up with LinkVehicle and providing a link to your blog.  Once your blog is approved, you'll get requests from LinkVehicle's … [Read more...]

Passionfruit Makes Selling Ad Space Easy for Bloggers

passionfruit- An easy way to make money from your blog

Having a blog that draws visitors is an excellent way to make money online. The more visitors you receive on a regular basis the more valuable your site becomes. Similar to a billboard on a heavily traveled highway or at a busy intersection- your blog's sidebar could be very valuable to a business who is trying to reach a larger audience. Knowing how to sell your ad space and for what price doesn't have to be confusing or scary. I'll give you some basic tips and tell you about a service I use called Passionfruit.   What is Passionfruit? Passionfruit is an online service that makes selling advertising space on your blog really easy. Using a service like Passionfruit will give you an heir of professionalism. The platform is attractive and they handle all the difficult things like financial transactions, tracking views and clicks, ad expirations and so on. Passionfruit is great for anyone new to selling ad space and people who want their advertising page to be clear and … [Read more...] Buy an Established Site and Earn Today

buy profitable websites at flippa

Making money online with blogs and websites is a very intriguing concept to many people. I know this because the most popular post I've ever written is the one where I shared my blogging income. Creating a profitable website takes a lot of time, patience and passion. As I've mentioned before, this site, Work at Home Adventures, took me 3 years before I began earning a substantial income. I gave a lot of unpaid time to this site. But it is now paying me back. For most of us, having a profitable site is like starting a business- it takes investment. My investment was time. But what is your time worth? If you had money to invest into owning a website that was already profiting- would you consider it? It's fun to imagine and for thousands of people- it's a reality. is a place where you can buy/sell websites. Buy a Profitable Website Flippa is an online marketplace for websites. If you've ever met anyone like me you would know we have a problem. We enjoy the thrill of … [Read more...]

Create Affordable Business Materials with Canva

review of Canva

If you own a small business, it's important that you have different materials to promote your business, such as business cards, flyers, and even graphics for your website or Facebook page.  I recently discovered a website called Canva that makes it easy and affordable to create these different materials.  In this blog post I'll explain more about the website and how to use it to create different materials for your business. What is Canva? As I mentioned earlier, Canva is a website that you can use to create different projects, such as posters, business cards, and graphics for your Facebook page or website, among other things.   Is Canva free? It is free to create an account on Canva;  however, many of the graphics cost a dollar if you choose to use them in your projects.  This is not very expensive however, when you consider that  many websites that sell stock images charge a lot more.   How do I create a project on Canva? Creating a project on Canva is easy.  … [Read more...]

6 Strategies for Writing More

strategies for wriiting more

One problem many  writers struggle with is finding the time to write more.  In addition, if you're a writer, you may get ideas for articles or stories you want to write when you're not at your computer.  If you don't have some way to make a note of these ideas, you risk forgetting them.  This post will provide some suggestions for finding the time to write more, as well as some strategies for capturing your ideas when you're  not at your desk. Get up earlier, or stay up later - Depending on whether you're a morning person or a night owl, you may want to consider getting up earlier or staying up later to work on your writing.  I've started getting up earlier to get some writing done before I start my day - this is ideal for me because I get way too tired in the evening. I find writing early in the morning, before my husband gets up and starts getting ready for work, helps me get some writing time in. Have a plan - Nothing is worse than sitting down at your computer and not … [Read more...]