8 Lessons I Learned from Writing My First Ebook

Lessons to Writing an Ebook

Now that I've written and published my first ebook and it's started getting some downloads, I wanted to share some lessons I learned as I went through the process of writing this first ebook. If you  have thought about writing an ebook,  I hope you'll keep these things in mind. Make it a priority - If you're determined to write an ebook, you need to set aside time to actually work on  the process.  If you work full t ime, this means you  may have to get early or stay up late so you can put in a little time on your ebook.  I often got up at 5:00 or 5:30 in the morning … [Read more...]

Using Fiverr and Other Micro Job Sites Effectively for Internet Marketing

Online Marketing with Fiverr

If you have a blog and/or website you need to drive traffic toward- this article will help you understand how to utilize the best resources available through Fiverr. It's not just a great place to make additional money online, Fiverr is an amazing place to get help with CSS/HTML coding, graphics and Internet Marketing as well. There are so many ways Fiverr can help and it's totally within everyone's budget! Marketing With Fiverr Anyone who has been in the Internet marketing business for more than a few minutes has heard of Fiverr and other similar sites where people … [Read more...]

5 Free and Affordable Sites For Blog Images

A list of free and affordable options for blog images.

Bloggers are always needing images. Truth be told- stealing them seems like the only possible solution to many people who simply don't make enough to hand out hundreds of dollars for monthly image subscription plans. But don't risk your reputation or being sued by believing Google Image search is your free resource of blog images. Keep your integrity and do it right! There are plenty of very affordable and even completely free options. Here are 5 of my favorite resources for blog images. 1. PressFoto PressFoto is a new stock image website that takes a very … [Read more...]

Get Blog Sponsorships with IZEA

Find paid blog sponsors through IZEA

IZEA, dubbed The Sponsorship Marketplace, connects bloggers and their social media networks to big brands. IZEA is a way for bloggers to generate a little extra revenue from their blogs. Formerly known for providing advertising options to bloggers, IZEA has since expanded and now has a whole new platform to help Bloggers make money from Advertisers. How Do I Get My Blog Sponsored? After you create an account on IZEA, you will have access to a dashboard. There you will find current brands who are looking to reach a bigger social network.  Each offer will list … [Read more...]

Get Paid to Blog with LinkVehicle

Review of LinkVehicle

I've been looking for ways to make more money on my website, so I decided to check out LinkVehicle, a website that supposedly pays you to write reviews on your blog.  Though I haven't been asked to write any blog posts for LinkVehicle yet, I wanted to provide some information about this website based on what I've read. What is LinkVehicle? LinkVehicle is a website that pays you to write posts on your blog for their advertisers. What categories of blogs does LinkVehicle accept? I couldn't find any specific information about this on LinkVehicle's site, but … [Read more...]