Review of Higher One

Higher One Hires Work at Home agents to assist college students and their parents with financial aid questions.

Do you enjoy helping people, especially college students? Are you interested in promoting financial literacy? Can you commit to a 15 to 30-hour workweek?   Then Higher One might be the place for you.   What Exactly is Higher One? Founded in the year 2000, Higher One is a financial services company that was started to help promote financial literacy, especially among college students.  Many times college students have never learned to budget their money or they are struggling with things like financial aid, tuition assistance, and all the … [Read more...]

Review of eDegree Advisor

Become an eDegree Advisor and work from home making over $10 per hour.

Do you enjoy helping people make decisions? Do you enjoy telemarketing in general? Do you have the power of persuasion to convert sales leads?   Then eDegree Advisor might be the place for you. What Exactly is eDegree Advisor? The company, eDegree Advisor, formerly known as Helios Media is a telemarketing company that hires outbound calling agents to contact people, who have expressed an interest in starting or going back to college. What Do Remote Agents Do at eDegree Advisor? The eDegree Advisor telemarketers are sent outbound calls via their … [Read more...]

The Confide App–Getting Your Privacy Back Under Control

This app secures your mobile devices and protects your privacy. Plus, it's free!

Do you worry about your online privacy when viewing emails and texts? Do you ever wonder where those deleted messages supposedly go? Do you yearn for more privacy but never feel that you have it?   Then downloading the Confide app might be a solution for you and your peace of mind.   What Exactly is the Confide App? The Confide app is a free app for both iOS devices and Android phones, which helps “cloak” your incoming messages and then destroys the messages once they are read.  Because as many users have found out, what you write or text … [Read more...]

NexRep Virtual Call Center [Update]

A look at working from home for NexRep

Last year, I wrote an article on NexRep which published on June 3, 2013.  The company has grown and gone through many updates since then.  I am happy to report that NexRep's PR folks actually got in touch with me to inform me about this “new and improved” NexRep. In case you missed the 2013 article, I will attempt to briefly summarize what was previously reported about NexRep and incorporate the new changes. The biggest and most exciting changes are the additional positions of tech support, virtual sales consultants, and beauty consultants.  … [Read more...]

Is Circum News a Scam?

Exposing a popular online scam to earn from reading articles.

Circum News is an agency, which publishes client articles on a variety of topics, so that viewers can earn money reading them all while driving web traffic to the client's websites.  Circum News claims that anyone can sign up and make between $2.00 to $5.00 per article just by reading them.  There is a limit of up to 10 articles per day. Circum News began in October 2013 as a way to help their clients drive traffic to their online articles and potential work-at-homers make money reading the articles.  On their Facebook fan page, Circum News claims that: "It's a … [Read more...]