Overview of Data Entry with iBridge

Online Data Entry for iBridge

*Note that this review is not an indication that iBridge is currently hiring. As stated within the review- they rarely have open positions. Do you need a non-phone job? Do you enjoy data entry? Well, then iBridge might just be the right work-at-home (WAH) opportunity for you.   What Exactly is iBridge? iBridge is a work-at-home (WAH) company that hires workers to do data entry from the comfort of their homes.  This data entry may come from paper, electronic records, voice, or video recordings.  Some of the information you may be asked to type are student records, patient records, and litigation. iBridge offers clients four data services: data entry data normalization data analysis data reporting iBridge maintains a long list of clients which includes Exxon Mobile, Chevron, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and General Electric to name a few.   What Types of WAH Jobs Are Available at iBridge? While there are other jobs offered at iBridge, the … [Read more...]

Hemingway App–Write Like a Literary Legend

How you can be a better writer- using 1 free app!

Would you like to write like one of the literary greats? Does your writing need to be “tighter” and less wordy? Then downloading the Hemingway app might be a solution for you and your writing.   What Exactly is the Hemingway App? Named after Ernest himself, the Hemingway app helps you improve your writing whether you write fiction or non-fiction.  The Hemingway app suggests the use of simpler diction, stronger verbs, fewer adverbs, and use of active voice and not passive voice. You can use it to tighten up your prose or make your emails more concise and to the point. The app is currently available only via the web and is free.  A desktop version is currently in the works, and you can sign up to be notified when it is available.  Also, the site did get nominated for a Webby award. Currently there is no Android or iPhone app version listed although you can pull up the website as you would any website on your iPhone or Android with your browser and … [Read more...]

Comparing 5 Search Engine Evaluating-Type Jobs

comparing search engine evaluating companies

Have you ever wondered how many non-phone jobs are out there? Do you enjoy surfing the Internet and understanding how searches work? Are you looking for more challenging "brainy" work? Then search engine evaluating-type jobs might be in your future. There are companies who pay workers to do this type of work with more companies popping up all of the time. These are often highly flexible and well paying jobs that require no direct experience at all. This article will explore some of the most popular companies offering this type of job. You will then be able to compare each of the five companies listed to determine which will be the best fit for you. 1. Introducing Leapforce. Leapforce is a well-known company that offers the Search Engine Evaluator position. Search Engine Evaluators provide feedback on search engine results by measuring the relevance and usefulness of web pages in correlation to pre-defined queries, by providing comparative analysis of sets of search … [Read more...]

Review of ZeroChaos

Review of Zero Chaos

Do you need a non-phone, work-at-home (WAH) job? Do you enjoy surfing the Internet? Do you have an eye for awkwardly written online ads? Then ZeroChaos would like to hear from you. Their Ads Quality Rater position just might be the right WAH job for you! What Exactly is ZeroChaos? ZeroChaos is a full-service provider of workforce solutions including accounting, administration, program management, marketing, and business development. Among those services is a need for businesses to advertise via Google Ads to improve their rankings. However, not all ads are well written or bring in the desired result, i.e., a higher Google ranking. This is where you would come in.   What Does an Ads Quality Rater Do at ZeroChaos? Your role as an at-home Ads Quality Rater would be to use their online tool to help improve the accuracy and relevancy of the ads. You will be reviewing ads in different languages including English. You will only be able to work under one language once … [Read more...]

Review of iSoftStone – Search Engine Evaluating

review of isoftstone work at home jobs

Are you looking for a non-phone job? Do you consider yourself Internet and web savvy? Would you consider yourself detail oriented? Then becoming an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Analyst might the right work-at-home (WAH) fit for you. What Exactly is iSoftStone? Founded in China, iSoftStone is an IT company that specializes in cloud, mobility, and application services. The company serves the technology industry, the healthcare industry, and the public sector. iSoftStone believes that employee talent is the greatest asset that a company can have and is constantly on the lookout for American workers to join their SEO Analysts on their USA Team (known as iSoftStone3).   What Does a Search Engine Evaluator Do at iSoftStone? Have you ever wondered when you type in a search, why certain results (landing pages and website URLs) come up and in that order? Well, the search engine tools such as Google and Bing actually have algorithms that aid in the process. These … [Read more...]