Five Things I Hate About Elance

Reasons I hate being a freelancer for Elance

Elance was one of the first places I turned to when I started working from home as a freelancer. I landed a few gigs and even had a few long-term clients for about a year. However, just because something is good, doesn’t mean it will last forever. Elance has some great things going for it, but here are 5 things I cannot stand about Elance. #1. Waiting for money I’m not going to lie. I did a few social media updates and a blog post for a client and I’m still waiting on that money. This can be so very frustrating because I worked for that money and I want it now. Perhaps J.G. Wentworth can help me out. Just kidding. I’ll let you know when I’m 85 and Elance finally releases my money.   #2. Clients expect the world No client on Elance (that I know of) wants to pay you what you're worth. The quality of jobs have become very similar to oDesk. It’s amazing if you win a bid for a job and actually get paid what you’re worth. I’ve had to lower my overall price several times just … [Read more...]

5 Things to Do When Work is Slow

things to do when work is slow

As I sit here with my work being quite slow, my mind is racing with different things I can do. I haven’t had to look for work for 16 months and now my mind is starting to wonder if I’ll need to start looking. Anyways, while I sit here at home with 3 children, I realize I depend on work to keep my mind busy. So, what happens when work is a little slower than usual? Your mind starts going off the deep end. Here are five things you can do when work is slow.   Wash Your Walls Seriously, we are about to move and I looked over at our walls and almost barfed. What is this sticky, gooey, red stuff on these walls? I took it upon myself to wash my walls while work is slow.   Eat Everything in Sight As humans, we want to eat to live, but lately I’ve been living to eat. The food we have in our house isn’t even all that great. It just seems like meal times are closer together when you are less busy. Luckily, I haven’t been too bad with eating. I’ve been eating bananas, raisins, some … [Read more...]

How to Find Your Work at Home Groove

Survive Working from Home by Finding Your Groove

I've been working from home for nearly three years now and my schedule changes on a day to day basis. I've always struggled to find my work at home groove, until I learned to go with the flow. I figured I’d give you some of my best tips. Ready, set, go! Try Something New I am one that likes to stick to what works. However, sometimes what works doesn't always go well. That’s why I started trying new things. You know, working when my kids are awake instead of just when they’re sleeping. Don’t be afraid to ask others for hints as well. Try Exercising I put off exercising for so long because I thought it interrupted my work. If I can’t find an hour to exercise during the day, then something is wrong. When did we start putting our health over our work? Taking care of yourself is sure to help you get your work groove back. Taking a REAL Break I always fight myself on taking breaks while working. I've discovered over and over again that the more breaks I take then the more productive I … [Read more...]

Finding Time to Exercise When Working at Home

Ways to Get Fit- Even if you work from home!

I know I will try to come up with every excuse under the book to not exercise. However, three kids later and thirty pounds later it is time I get my but in gear. I always try exercising and quickly give up, but that is why I started a few different approaches. Working at home is not a way to stay skinny that's for sure-- there are way too many temptations.   Get Some Accountability A few months ago one of my good friends started asking me to do workouts. We didn't do the workouts together, but we did hold each other accountable. We both have weight loss goals and it helps so much to have someone to talk to about our struggles.   Get Out of the House The more I read tips on getting more exercise the more this rings true. Walking your dog or your kids at the park does count as some sort of exercise. Just getting out and stretching, walking, and being a part of mother nature is an excellent way to get exercise while working at home. Always remember that something is better … [Read more...]

4 Totally Random Points That Make Me Feel Better About Working at Home

Enjoy Working from Home

These past few weeks I have been feeling so stressed about everything in life. Which is funny, considering I just went on vacation last week. Most of the stress that is occurring in my life is from being too busy.  I wanted to talk about some ways that we can simplify our lives and make them less hectic I read a quote the other day and it has been sticking with me. “If you don’t have time to read your bible or pray, then you are way busier than God intended you to be.” How true is this? Work As a Freelancer I love the saying “market market market.” But sometimes you can just be too busy. I proved that too myself this week. I added way too much to my plate and it stretched me beyond belief. I still managed to do everything and finish everything on time, but I can’t say I agree with the "market market market" quote anymore. Sometimes enough work is enough work. I’ve always aimed to work with long term clients. This is because I know when I’m going to get paid and I know … [Read more...]